About Aubrianna

Aubri  lives in Northern Calfornia. She is  an ordained minister, a Reiki Priestess, Shauwoman, Native American energy healer, dream interpreter and Spiritual counselor. 

She is a Mother of two  amazing Sons.

Aubri's passions are: family, laughter, dance, nature and Loving everyone as an equal. 

Aubrianna shares an excerpt from her story.

 "Gently, I pulled a delicate veil over my face- little did I know metaphorically, I pulled  a  dark and dreery storm cloud over my life. 

Alone in the room, and standing in silent contemplation. I breathed deeply to steady my uncertain nerves. My trembling hand hesitantly grasped onto the cool metal knob and opened the door. 

To My lessons. My karma. My life!"  

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