Free Me From My Cage - Book One

Aubrianna Rose writes in brilliant colors. She will have you laughing, crying and gripping your book, like the cool tarnished metal bars, of a roller coaster ride!

A tenacious and curious little girl named Aubri was born into a family that suffocated her true nature. She was not allowed to speak or rationalize and her punishments tormented her for years to follow.

   She never finished school and married as a teenager. Her dreamy ambitions  were in  creating a happier life...however, her innocent intentions, vanished in  a most disturbing instant!

She struggled to find freedom from ghosts of her past, a husband that gained pleasure in mentally tormenting her and shockingly, a Patriarchal religion that forced her to stay! 

You may find yourself wondering: will freedom unfold? This spine  tingling and endearing account of one woman's  will for survival is  truly spellbinding and profoundly moving!

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Learning To Fly - Book Two

Book two: Does freedom unfold?

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Flying In Love - Book Three

Book Three: Discover the  chilling  finale

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Molly And The Cricket

Aubrianna's children series: Each book will take you  on a magical and unforgettable journey.    

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